Be the one to explore this treasure chest full of cultural and natural wonders which can be found only here.

A 12 days journey to Austria – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro – Albania – Macedonia – Bulgaria and Turkey. Incl. accommodation in luxury hotels on HB-basis, local tour guides and a tour leader during the whole itinerary, special attractions and surprises.

What awaits you

Visit the Europe & Balkans…

The road from East to West and the connection between Europe and Asia.

Every civilization, which passed through the Balkans over the centuries, lee a piece of its own culture, customs and beliefs. And we kept them all for the world to see…

Tour Itinerary

  1. Vienna
  2. Zagreb
  3. Jajce – Sarajevo
  4. Sarajevo – Mostar – Trebinje
  5. Dubrovnik – Kotor – Budva
  6. Budva – Stari Bar – Tirana
  7. Tirana – Ohrid
  8. Skopje – Sofia
  9. Sofia – Plovdiv
  10. Edirne – Istanbul
  11. Istanbul
  12. Istanbul – Departure
Tour Overview
It’s shopping time

Islam came into Europe through the Balkans…

The Balkans conceal the secrets of Orpheus, the gold of the Thracian kings, the coins of the Roman emperors and the mosques of the Ottoman sultans.

Live the mystery and enjoy the shared and peaceful living of Muslims and Christians for centuries. Follow the European conquests of the Ottoman Empire from Vienna back to Istanbul and taste the exquisite Balkan delights. The itinerary is subject to changes and can be thematically adjusted to the interests of each group.

Our info tour puts an accent on the Ottoman imperial mosques and monuments as well as the history of Islam on the Balkans and in Europe. A Muslim tour leader can be provided upon request.

Some of the places visited

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